Scientific Societies
It is a countrywide scoping scientific association with its own personality and heritage, which brings together those people developing their activities in the field of meteorology, in any related aspect and subject, as well as laymen and meteorology...
Institution represented by the Cuban Academy of Sciences; it is in charge of encouraging development of research on history of science and technology – regarding both Cuba and the entire world – as well as teaching this discipline and disseminating it.
It contributes to the promotion of sciences, culture, the formation and strengthening of the civil conscience and to the attainment of the highest ideals of the Cuban society
This society promotes, supports and performs geography oriented researches. It also contributes to strengthen the ties between the geographers of Cuba and the world
This society contributes to the development of zoology and to the strengthening of the political and ideological level and the professional skills of its members. It also supports the development of disciplines integrating zoology
It contributes to the development of the activities aimed at the knowledge and rational use of energy renewable sources: the solar energy in its different forms for the solution of economic and social problems of the country
It contributes to the development of the physics, its teaching and its applications in our country. It also promotes a greater disclosure of physics and of the philosophical problems of this science
It groups the speleologists of Cuba in order to promote in our country the advances of speleological sciences, to support the research policy and to contribute to the advance of sciences at large
This center supports the process of construction of our sustainable social development, instilling ethical and humanistic values, defending the peace and sovereignty of our people. It is linked to local community development