It develops, applies and provides technologies, products, technical assistance and academic excellence services within the framework of plant biotechnology.
Institution dedicated to research and production of medicaments, cosmetics, diagnosers, and human placenta derived nutrients.
Web site of the main center producing new biopharmaceuticals intended for cancer treatment and other non-transmissible chronicle diseases.
It contributes to developing scientific research, mainly on medicaments, biomaterials, equipment, diagnosis methods and means, and therapeutic procedures to apply them in diseases that affect mankind very much.
FAO´s mission is contributing to create a world for present and future generations where food safety be an important consideration. In the next 15 years FAO‘s membership will be engaged in: reducing alimentary insecurity and rural poverty;...
Web site dedicated to research in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology.
It is intended to research and develop biopharmaceutical products such as culture means; antianemia products, vaccines; technological transference; allergenic extracts and others.